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Slate has been mined in our quarries since 1960 and is a family business. After the great trust and preference of our customers, we founded our company in 1995 in Argalasti Pelion, Plakes Pelion Prekas-Papoutsis. Our main concern is to offer excellent quality, competitive prices and to help you choose the best product according to your needs. Despite the passage of time, the initial processing of the slate is done by hand with unique tools, the sledgehammer and the hammer. The product is then transferred to the specially designed work area and further processed according to the customer's preferences. Our product can be used in interior spaces such as, living room, bathroom, wall cladding, fireplace and staircase, offering the feeling of a traditional home with modern touches. Also, it can be used in outdoor areas such as courtyards, balconies, terraces, roofs, cobblestones, sidewalks, walls and windows. Finally, after processing large pieces of slate, we create tables, table bases and faucets, offering your garden or your yard a unique aesthetic.

One of the features that makes Petra Neohoriou stand out is its resistance to time and the insulation it offers.

We create products that fit exactly your needs!

In our business, we are dedicated to offering customized solutions for your needs. We create slate products in desired dimensions to fit exactly your personal aesthetic and functional criteria. By improving the way we treat stone, we create products that truly suit your needs. Whether you want a specific shape or size or a specific finish, we can machine the product with precision and attention to detail. Our professionals are specialized in stone processing and have the experience and tools to customize your product to your exact needs. If you are looking for a product that exactly meets your needs, then you are in the right place.

Our quarries follow all KMLE rules, i.e. the technical and environmental studies which have been submitted to the inspection of mines of Northern Greece. They also harmonize with the environmental studies, which have been issued for the Natura Pelion 2000 area, in which our quarries are located.

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