Natural rocks of Pelion

For 50 years, our main concern has been to offer excellent quality stones, competitive prices and to help you choose according to your needs, the best product.  

Excellent quality slates for interior and exterior decoration.

Part of our quarry.
Since 1960

Pelion Quarrys

Our quarries are located in Neohori Pelion and have been operating for over 50 years. Always respecting nature and the materials it offers us as well as tradition and European standards, we mine excellent quality slate that satisfies all your needs.

Why to Choose us

Natural Stone

The processing is done only in size and shape keeping its natural colors.

Outdoor spaces

ur stone can decorate your outdoor spaces in a variety of ways.

Unique colors

Nature gives us the most beautiful and impressive natural colors.

Indoor spaces

Our stone can decorate your interiors in a variety of ways.

Unique designs

Experienced professionals process the material into various designs as per the needs.


Our material is very resistant to time and weather conditions.

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